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Best Golf Courses in Scottsdale

When experiencing the epitome of golfing luxury and elegance, Scottsdale, Arizona, unsurprisingly finds its place on the bucket lists of golf enthusiasts worldwide. Enveloped by the stunning Sonoran Desert and bathed in perpetual sunshine, Scottsdale’s golf courses are not merely playing fields but sprawling canvases that effortlessly blend the sport’s sophisticated spirit with nature’s raw, enchanting beauty.

TPC Scottsdale Golf Course

TPC Scottsdale Golf Course

Website: TPC Scottsdale

TPC Scottsdale, particularly its acclaimed Stadium Course, is synonymous with professional golf in the city, offering a blend of challenge and charm that has attracted top players from across the globe. Host to the annual Waste Management Phoenix Open, a course that has seen the likes of Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler swing their way to victory amidst roaring crowds and under the warm Arizona sun.

Not only does it present impeccable playing conditions year-round, but TPC Scottsdale’s Stadium Course also offers the unique thrill of playing in an arena that has witnessed some of professional golf’s most memorable moments. The par-3 16th hole, enveloped by a temporary stadium, has seen a cascade of historic shots, making it an exhilarating spot for amateurs to test their mettle.

Troon North Golf Club

Troon North Golf Club Scottsdale AZ

Website: Troon North Golf Club

Nestled amidst the picturesque Pinnacle Peak and offering two 18-hole courses, Troon North Golf Club reflects the essence of desert golf. Tom Weiskopf, a notable figure in the world of golf architecture, envisioned a terrain where the natural ravines and foothills of the Sonoran Desert melded seamlessly with lush fairways and impeccably manicured greens.

Among the club’s famous courses, the Monument is frequently hailed for its engaging layout and breathtaking visuals. This gem has witnessed the prowess of countless professionals. It continues to be a favored spot for tournaments and casual rounds alike, attributing its fame to the flawless integration of natural landscapes and strategic play.


Grayhawk Golf Club

Grayhawk Golf Club Scottsdale AZ

Website: Grayhawk Golf Club

Grayhawk Golf Club, with its celebrated courses – the Talon and the Raptor, invites golfers to embark on an exquisite journey through desert landscapes, providing panoramic views that are quintessentially Scottsdale. While bathed in natural splendor, both courses offer distinct playing experiences, allowing golfers to traverse through terrains that have hosted PGA TOUR, NCAA, AJGA, and many other prominent tournaments.

Grayhawk has embraced golf legends like Phil Mickelson and Gary McCord. Notably, Mickelson has been a visible figure at the club, not merely as a player but also as a coach, sharing his insights and expertise with aspiring champions.

Papago Golf Club

best golf course in Arizona

Website: Papago Golf Course

As one explores the impressive roster of golf courses in Scottsdale, the historic allure and geologic wonder of the Papago Golf Course undeniably etch a remarkable spot in every golfer’s journey through the desert. Papago, not merely a golf course, serves as a picturesque canvas where the region’s vibrant history and rich culture are seamlessly interwoven with the noble sport of golf.

Nestled amidst the illustrious red sandstone formations of Papago Park, which have stoically stood for 6-15 million years, the course invites players to navigate through a landscape where nature and history converge. The majestic Hole-in-the-Rock, a notable landmark sculpted by time through erosion, whispers tales from an ancient epoch when the Hohokam tribe utilized its unique openings and sunlight to track the solstices.

Opening its gates in 1963, Papago Golf Club swiftly cemented its place in the hearts of Phoenix residents and global golf enthusiasts. Its reputation was further embellished when it became the battleground for the US Amateur Public Links Championship in 1971 and, later, the 2009 J Golf Phoenix LPGA International, along with hosting numerous Phoenix Open Qualifying events. It’s a course where each fairway and green narrates stories of triumphs, challenges, and historic moments in the golfing world.

Managed professionally by OB Sports Golf Management and proudly heralded as the home ground for the Arizona State University Men’s and Women’s golf teams, Papago seamlessly marries its rich past with an effervescent future. Undergoing a staggering $8 million renovation in 2008, the course not only preserved its classic appeal but also infused modern elegance into its character, ensuring its vibrant presence in the future narratives of golf.

The beauty and challenge of Papago are aptly encapsulated by Matt Thurmond, Head Coach of ASU Men’s Golf, who appreciates the course for presenting “a great challenge for the pros and top collegiate players, while also being enjoyable for anyone, on any day.” He admires “the rolling flow of the course coupled with the beautiful views,” acknowledging it as “one of the most pleasant walks in the valley.” For Thurmond, and undoubtedly many others, a day at Papago may not guarantee your best round, but it does assure “you’re guaranteed to enjoy any day you spend at Papago Golf Club.”

Peter Longo, a PGA Life Member and respected Golf Historian, attributes a significant chapter of the rich history of American golf to public venues like Papago, where the game’s complete, vibrant “libretto of triumph, passion, error, comedy, and comradeship is played out daily upon the affordable grounds of the public venue.” In his perspective, Papago Park exemplifies the pinnacle of municipal golf, encapsulating “the story, the humanism, and the feel of Papago’s past, present, and future” and offering “great reading for any lover of the game.”

When you traverse the greens and fairways of Papago, you’re not merely playing a round of golf; you’re walking through chapters of history amidst geological wonders that have witnessed epochs unfurl. The verdant course, against the backdrop of stoic, red sandstone formations, offers an experience that transcends golf, beckoning players to savor a journey where sport, nature, and history harmoniously coalesce.

With its delightful challenge, spectacular views, and profound history, Papago Golf Course continues to stand as a testament to Scottsdale’s rich golf legacy, inviting every golfer to pen their own story upon its historic grounds.

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Scottsdale's Golf Legacy

Best places to golf in Arizona

Golf in Scottsdale transcends merely playing; it is an experience, a journey through meticulously crafted terrains that whisper tales of legendary plays and iconic tournaments. Players traverse through courses that have cradled the footsteps of golf legends, where gentle desert breezes caress each swing under the boundless azure skies.

Here, golf courses are masterfully sculpted, embodying the spirit of the desert while offering a caliber of play that beckons professionals and amateurs alike. The fascinating tales of each hole and the allure of the landscape create a unique blend of sport and spectacle that defines Scottsdale’s unparalleled golfing scene.

In Scottsdale, the golfing experience is an exquisite blend of the sport’s tradition and the natural allure intrinsic to Arizona. Whether basking in the competitive spirit of TPC Scottsdale, savoring the stunning desert elegance of Troon North, or navigating through the famed courses of Grayhawk, each stroke is a brush with greatness, creating moments that linger in the memory of every golfer.

When your travels bring you to Scottsdale, be prepared to be captivated by its golf courses, where every hole has a story to tell, and every play becomes a cherished memory against the magnificent backdrop of Arizona’s enchanting desert tapestry.

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Papago Golf Club

18 Holes – $79 per set (includes tax and 6 Callaway golf balls)